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My 1 hour Vista experiment

My apologizes for being so quiet this past week... will have some more soon.

Last weekend, I got my hands on the Vista RC1 download (which also came available on MSDN), but ended up not installing it right away.

Finally, tonight I decided to take the plunge and install it.  And then about an hour later, I was restoring my old install.  My RC1 experience went like this:

  • Installed Vista (no problem)
  • Downloaded Nvidia and Audigy drivers
  • Installed the two drivers and rebooted
  • Vista came up and my mouse no longer worked
  • Used keyboard to get the system to reboot again, figuring maybe a fluke.
  • Vista came back up, and the mouse was working again.  Logged in, and then got some memory management BSOD and it rebooted for me.
  • Came back up again, and the mouse wasn't work once more.

After that, was back to restore my old set up.  Now, this guy may have been right that geeks love to dig in and fix problems, which I usually do, but not when it comes to beta testing and operating system.  There are some things I need to just work.  My operating system is one of them.  Without it, I can't code.  I can't code, I can't work.

Overall, I don't think Vista was the cause of my problems.  If I had to put my finger on anything, I'd have to say it was the Audigy drivers.  They haven't had a specific RC1 release of the drivers, and I've heard of the drivers being a little problematic.  I'm not a big Creative fan, and likely won't get another one of their cards.

Though before I installed the drivers, I did poke around to see what drivers I was missing.  It looks like I will definitely need to be doing some hardware upgrades before I get Vista.  First, I may want to continue avoiding Creative's Vista drivers.  Second, my video card is grossly outdated (I don't play games on my computer, it scored a 2.0 on the Windows Experience Index).  And third, there doesn't seem to be Vista drivers for my RAID card.  I'm using a slightly older Intel SATA PCI-X RAID card that works in 32-bit mode.  It is older and not really meant for desktops, so I wouldn't expect them to jump on driver support for Vista.  Perhaps I could just switch to using onboard RAID, since I am doing just RAID1 (had originally planned on doing RAID5, but never got the needed third drive).

So I knew I was going to have to do some upgrades, and that I would need a new laptop (had Beta2 on my laptop, it was slow and painful).  I guess now I know I'll need my desktop first, since I use it far more for my daily work than my laptop.

Friday, September 08, 2006

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