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Flickr not happy, Smugmug slow?

For something that I thought would be as simple as taking a screenshot and posting it, it sure can be an ordeal.

Was trying to simply take a screenshot with SnagIt and upload it to Flickr, but apparent Flickr is a little picky on file formats and won't accept any of my files.


I've tried uploading it as a JPG and a PNG, and it simply won't take it.  What gives!  I already knew that Flickr's "Windows Uploadr" (which is a perpetual beta) was picky on file formats, since it wouldn't accept images that I'd edited and converted, but this is just plain ridiculous.

Then, in my frustration, I decided to sign up for a trial of Smugmug and see if they would accept the file.  They did, but the photos didn't show up right away.  Ohh no!  Instead, they have this process queue.  So I got a little image in the gallery saying "Processing Image" and when I look at the Upload Log to see what the heck is going on, it shows that they got it, but under wait time and process time, it just shows "n/a".

Finally, the two photos I uploaded show up, after a wait time of 773-778 seconds and a process time of 10-22 seconds.  What gives?  I need to wait nearly 15 minutes for the photos to be posted?  This is worse than the cache delay in web apps like CS, since at least you can adjust that, or work on getting cache invalidation better, but come on!  Is Smugmug "Web 2.0"?

Update:  Think Flickr was having some problems, since now it is accepting the images.  Yay!  As for Smugmug, another image I'd uploaded another image that had a wait time of 918 minutes (now over 15 mins).  Bleh.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

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