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Finally all caught up

After many months of being behind on my RSS aggregator, I finally caught up over this past weekend.  Yes, I, for once, had nothing new to read!

Since around July, I had started falling behind on my daily blog reading, and once it starts going up, it is like a down hill slope where you never get caught up.

Now, I finally am.  Granted, I do have some flagged posts I need to get back to, but I'll get to those eventually (wish FeedDemon could sync flagged posts between PCs when using NewsGator).

In order for me to get to this point, there were a few big decisions I had to make, including dropping a few feeds.  Overall, I dropped Scoble, Lifehacker, and Channel9.  For the most part, those sites simply post too much.  The signal-to-noise ratio was too much.  I like blogs that get posts regularly, but not multiple times per day.  A post a day or every few days is good.  But 4+ long posts (or Lifehacker, which has tons) is too much.  As for Channel9, for some reason, posts would always remark themselves as new when people replied to them or something.  That just got annoying.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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