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XV6700 ROM Upgrade, bye bye everything

A couple of days ago, I decided to upgrade the ROM on my Verizon XV6700.  I'd heard that the latest ROM introduced some new fixes, added the ability to lock the screen, and, most importantly, introduced the new push email support when using Exchange.

So I had downloaded the ROM and the instructions on upgrading, but either I completely missed the note, or they just neglected to point it out, but it completely wiped everything off of it.  Gee thanks!  All the programs I had installed, all the tweaking I'd done on my home screen, my top scrores in solitaire, all gone.

If they had pointed out that it would erase everything, I wouldn't have cared.  I would have just downloaded the latest versions of my programs and saved the latest version of some of the configuration files for my home screen widgets.  But no... I figured it would reset everything, but not erase everything I had saved.  And unfortunately, I didn't have copies of the files on my miniSD card... only on the ROM itself.

So, for anyone else looking to upgrade the ROM, and a note to myself for the future, back up your stuff before upgrading!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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