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Comcast ruined my perfect test environment

I hate Comcast.  I've posted before about how much I dislike them.  Now they've gone and ruined my ideal testing environment.

I am a total fan of using virtual machines.  I spin a new one up whenever I have a new piece of software to test in an environment other than my own, or if I want to try out some software before installing it on my desktop.  I have a nicely equipped server specifically for virtual machines.  I use VMware Server running on top of Windows 2003.

Earlier this week, I had an idea for tweaking it out to be the ultimate test environment.  I could install a mail server on it and add an MX record to my DNS for *, that way I could run lives tests on things like Mail Gateway.  And on top of that, I could have the server run ISA Server and easy make sites on the various virtual machines publicly accessible.  It know that when it receives a web request for, to redirect it to the proper internal virtual machine.  It was working delightfully.

Then Comcast laid the smackdown on me last night.  I haven't gotten any confirmation, but around 7pm, my connection went down.  Finally, after a couple of hours, I started getting intrigued and was messing around.  The cable modem showed it had a full signal, however it wouldn't pair up with the public network card.  So then I switched it back to my old Linksys router with DD-WRT, and it works flawlessly.  Go back to my server, nothing.  Arg!

So after 3 days of utilizing the server for some testing, mostly doing some test emailing, Comcast decides to block it?  What gives!  Heck, years ago, I used run my entire domain from my home server.  Email, website, and all.  And they never blocked me.  Now, maybe a couple of dozen emails over a few days and I get blocked.

I could do the same set up for email with DD-WRT no problem, but don't know about making the websites accessible (unless I did them using port translation).  But even then, I think I will try to get some confirmation from Comcast before I do, since if they block my Linksys router, then I am really going to be pissed.  I hate Comcast.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

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