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This "2.0" business has gone too far

It is that time of the year... election season.  When we are bombarded with an endless stream of political advertisements that make us want to poke our eyes our.

I think the local government guys often times get a little bit more creative.  They aren't noticed as much, so they have to do things to stand out a little more.  With the mail today came this flyer for this guy Patrick Hume, running for Elk Grove City Council.  In big, bold letters it said "Elk Grove City Council: Leadership 2.0".  I instantly rolled my eyes... now politics is making a play on the "Web 2.0" buzzword.

Our of sheer curiosity, I decide to flip it open to read something to the tune of: (I threw it out, so going from memory)

I have been a small business leader for the past X years.  Over that time, I've learned two important lessons: to change with the times, but to not forget the fundamentals.

Our City Council has failed on both of these.  I represent new leadership.  Leadership 2.0.


I do have to hand it to his campaign crew though... they are creative.  While it may make me roll my eyes, it is fairly creative.  And he  has some pretty good tactics.  A couple of days ago, we get some mail from his campaign.  It is a letter that is supposedly from his mother urging people to vote for her son.  It even included a free hotpad!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

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