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Community Server 2.1 newMediaObject module released

                 <div class=Section1>  <p class=MsoNormal>A while ago, I had blogged about writing my own newMediaObject implementation for Community Server, and was a bad bad man because I never posted it.</p>  <p class=MsoNormal>&nbsp;</p>  <p class=MsoNormal>Well now there is finally official support for it in 2.1.&nbsp; Earlier today, Kevin posted the &#8220;<a href="">Community Server 2.1 MetaWeblog API Update</a>&#8221; on community, which adds support for the newMediaObject method.&nbsp; This update allows you to attach images within your post using both Windows Live Writer and <a href="">BlogMailr</a>.&nbsp; So I would definitely recommend downloading it and checking it out!</p>  <p class=MsoNormal>&nbsp;</p>  <p class=MsoNormal>Installation is simple.&nbsp; Just drop the updated MetaBlog.ashx file into the /blogs/ directory of your site, and you are good!&nbsp; All the code is inline.&nbsp; You can also set some AppSettings parameters in your web.config as far as maximum attachment size, allows extensions, and a few other settings.</p>  </div>    <p>Published with <a href="">BlogMailr</a></p>

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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