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A first... a do nothing vacation

Next week is going to mark a milestone first occurrance.  Next week is the first time I'll be taking a vacation and doing nothing.  In the past, whenever I have taken a vacation, it has always been to go somewhere or do something, full of plans, travel, and everything.  I've never taken a vacation and just done nothing.  Stay at home, sleep in, play Xbox, catch up on little projects, stay hidden on IM.  Yes, it sounds great!

Though the one problem with my work and a do nothing vacation is that I can only hold out so long.  Take a developer who loves to code and is passionate about their projects, then tell them they can't work on them for a week.  Torture!  I know I'll likely end up doing some work here and there, but the nice thing is that it is at a casual pace, and I could mess around with the things I wouldn't normally have time to get to (like maybe update my blog to CS 3.0 and a new skin).

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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