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Odd run in

Had an odd happening when I went out to lunch today.  I went to get a sandwich from Togo's, and this ensued...


- Walk in and this guy who just finished paying recognizes me.

Him: "Hey!  How's it going?"

- Puzzled, should I recognize him?

Me: "Good, how are you?"

Him: "Good.  I think I have a package for you."

- Package?

Him: "334, right?"

- At this point, I finally notice he is in a UPS uniform.  Then it clicks, he is the UPS delivery guy!

Me: "Cool!  Will probably see you later!  Merry Christmas!"


Was a little thrown off at first... you wouldn't assume your UPS guy would recognize you if you casually ran into him.  I was surprised.  Anyway, I did have a package... it was my copy of Community Server Quickly.  Be posting more once I have a chance to dive into it.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

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