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The Tag Game

I've been seeing this phenom going around the blogosphere, and was safe up until today.  Scott tagged me.

  1. In the sixth grade, I played baseball for one year, and only one year.  I had a .000 batting average, though the baseball cards they made and sent to us had .300 because hadn't turned in my batting stats.  Despite not being a good batter, I did make one clinch outfield play in one game, though later told my coach my eyes were closed when I was catching the ball.
  2. My dad used to tell me that I should go into graphic design, that the future boom was in graphic design.  I'm not a graphic artist though, my art is code, so I went into programming.
  3. I came close to never meeting my wife.  Originally, I didn't want to go to CSU Sacramento, I was dead set on Cal Poly San Louis Obispo.  I didn't get accepted for the fall term at SLO, so my only other option was to apply and go in the summer semester, but I didn't want to give up my summer break, so I went to CSUS instead.  If I hadn't have done that, I would have never met my wife.
  4. In high school, I was earning nearly $40/hour.  My dad owns a machine shop and I used to work for him in the summer.  I mostly put these little pins in little test sockets.  He extended the same pay scale as his other employees to me: 2 cents per pin.  But only did pins (while the others did them in their spare time), and I eventually was able to consistently do 2,000 pins an hour.  I used to only work like 2-3 days a week, and would cap myself at about 8,000 pins a day.  Was boring work, but good money for being in high school.
  5. During my freshman year in college, I was living in the dorms and the boyfriend of one of the Resident Advisors asked me if I could hack into the school computers and change a grade for him.  He was serious too.  I told him it doesn't work like they do it in the movies.

So now, who to tag?

How about Rick Rezler, Rich Mercer, Eric Duncan, Jason Alexander (because he never blogs), and Jaxon Rice (he never blogs anymore either).

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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