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Some updates around here

So if you actually visit my site, might notice it looks a little difference.  For starters, using a new skin.  I found this nice little web template and turned it into a CS skin.

The big change around here is that I am now running the latest build of CS 3.0.  One of the best ways to flesh out annoyances and bugs is to use your own software.  So, putting 3.0 to some live use.  Mainly want to find some stuff around emails notifications and such.

Skinning in CS 3.0 is actual a pleasure.  For this skin, I actually got it all written in a couple of hours back in November.  Just a few hours.  You no longer have the hoards of of skin files and everything.  You have just your main masterpage file and then 4-5 individual page files for things like viewing a list of posts, viewing a post, contact page, etc.  To get it working with the latest code, just had to go back into it and update two skin references.  Major goal with 3.0 is to make skins forward compatible, so surprised there was so few changes needed as we were still developing the new system.

Additionally, the power of the skins is greatly increased.  You can now do conditional skinning.  IE, for the number of comments, it can say "no comments", "1 comment", or "2 comments"... can even do "no comments", "one comment", "2 comments", etc.  You can tell it "if field X equals Y then show Z".

Like the new skin, though already noticing how its width will be a problem.  Have trouble even posting code snippets or something.  But, was a nice project one night, and wanted to put it out there for a bit.  Maybe release the skin once we get a beta build of CS 3.0 out.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

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