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No need for my ExtendedUrlMapping in CS 3.0

One interesting thing with CS 3.0 is that there really isn't going to be a need for my Qgyen.ExtendedUrlMapping control.  While the module doesn't allow for some more configurable options, its primary goal was simply for a single blog in the root.  In CS 2.1, it is possible to do without the module, though required a few more steps to set and usually moving a few files.  With CS 3.0, is even simplier.

There are basically three things you need to do in two files with 3.0.  In the SiteUrls.config, you find the <location> entry for the blogs and set the path setting to where you want the blog (ie, path="/").  Second, you add a physicalPath attribute that points to the original location of the blogs section (ie, physicalPath="/blogs/").  And finally, you open the communityserver.config, find the <Weblog> section, and add an attribute for defaultApplicationKey with the appKey of your blog.  Boom, you are done.

With CS 2.1, you used to have to do some other stuff like empty out the default.aspx in the root of the site.  That is no longer needed.  Now, the file system is more virtualized to where there are less static files sitting there to be called.  More of the pages have been pushed down to the theme level than being site wide, which makes it easier to manipulate the layout and also the themes (ie, different physical home page file for each theme and so on).

Though one useful thing I've noticed I need to upgrade is my AllCommentRss module so I can see new comments.  Forgot about that one.

Friday, January 05, 2007

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