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T-Minus 1 Day!

1 day left!  Til what?  No, no Community Server beta or anything.  Tomorrow, Trish and I are finally moving into a house!  We're just renting it (didn't buy), but still, it will be a major upgrade from apartment living.

For those who don't already know, we've had the neighbors from hell for like the last two months.  We've been living here for about 18 months and for the first 16 months, had no problems at all with anyone.  Then the people below us moved out and we got some new people below us.  They had people constantly in and out of their places, and always slammed the door.  We'd be in our living room on the couch and could still feel the floor shake.  We had complained to the office about them, and then a few weeks later, it all stopped and they were gone.  I think they got evicted or something (wouldn't be surprised, they were doing other stuff too).

Then we had peace and happiness for a few weeks, and then mid-December, someone new moved in... and they were even worse than the people before them.  Constantly making noise at night, arguing (sounds like a couple, and the girl likes to yell), and worse of all, complete pot heads.  Almost every night they are smoking weed and it comes up into our apartment through the fan vents in our bathrooms.  We keep out bathroom doors closed nearly all day and have to run the fan for a while in the mornings to help air it out.  Some nights, it gets thick... I mean, you could sit in our bathroom and get a free high if you wanted.

We've complained to the apartment office multiple times, but there isn't much they can do... except they said we could call the cops on them.  We told them no thanks, because we already knew we were out of here.

One thing to be very careful when getting an apartment... you can check out the apartment complex all you want... go around an empty unit, ask questions, read over the lease, etc., but there is no way to pre-screen your neighbors.  You have no way of knowing ahead of time if the people below you are potheads, or if someone new will move in and they are potheads.

But at any rate, one night left here and we are gone.  Some of the amentities of a house:

  1. Garage
  2. No longer hearing car alarms going off at night... if I hear one, likely be worth taking a look
  3. No direct neighbors making noise late at night
  4. Not on the third floor anymore (A/C bill in summer?  carting up groceries?)
  5. Have a yard
  6. Space!  Kitchen pantry!  More counter space!
  7. No direct neighbors so I can blast my music without being embarrassed (ask Rick what I was listening to yesterday)

    Though one thing I must say, moving sucks.  So much to pack, and the biggest things to pack have to wait til last.  Still need my computer!  Still need the internet!  Can't tear down the TV/stereo!

    Anyway, in a few hours, will be shutting down and tearing down, to be out for a few days.  Take a while to unpack, and then got to work on cleaning out the old place some.

Friday, January 19, 2007

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