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The State of the Move

So, I'd mentioned last week how I was going to be moving.  Well, almost a week later, and this where we are:

  • Moved in, though was a very long day.  Moving out of a third floor apartment?  Not fun.  Moving out of a third floor apartment with just myself, my cousin, and two 50+ guys to move furniture?  Definitely not fun.  The absolute worst were my two (2!) desks.  They are both big, heavy, and difficult to get through doors and down stairs.
  • The day after the move, went back to get my computer and some odds and ends.  My arms were already killing me, and I had no grip (I could barely pull up my socks!), but after that, I was limping around as my legs were sooo sore.
  • After moving on Saturday, and picking some additional things on Sunday, Monday I managed to come down with this stomach flu type thing.  It has been going around like wild fire.  My nephew had it, then my other nephew, then my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, then Trish's grandmother, then I caught it, and my dad caught it.  My dad and I didn't have it quite the same, but too much of a coincidence.  Will spare further details, but not fun.  Exhausted + sore + so much to do + don't ask symptoms.
  • Comcast got cable TV up on Sunday, and internet on Monday... gave me a bad modem and self-install kit on Sunday without sticking around to make sure it worked... well, modem was bad.
  • Ohh yeah, how is this: I got a paper cut under my thumbnail.  Talk about sucks.  Was opening the shrinkwrap on the self install kit the way I normally do... run your thumbnail along it.  Well, I guess I pressed too hard, and got a papercut under my nail.
  • Cleaned out old apartment, including some carpet cleaning (why put carpeting around the dining room?).
  • More unpacking than I want to think about (and still more)
  • Growing list of "home improvement" projects (running another phone line, running Cat5 cable to living room, putting up some better lighting in the garage, etc)... even though we don't own the house, going to be here a while, and some of them are pretty cheap.

Back at work now, with the computer all set up.  Office isn't back to normal just yet, but all the essentials are in place.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

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