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Loving the Blackberry

I am seriously beginning to wonder why I ever used a Smartphone.  After just a couple of days and being up and running with my email on my Blackberry, I must say it is mobility heaven.  Some of the amazingly simple touches just make it all the more worth it.  For example:

  • I can create my own profiles!  Smartphones just have the predefined list.  I can even set up emergency numbers that can bypass the profile settings.  Cool.
  • Different settings for in the holster and out of the holster... beautiful.  It will ring when on my desk, but then vibrate and ring when in the holster on my belt... that way I hear it and feel it vibrating.  Often times, I won't hear the phone if it is a loud place or something like that.
  • The screen automatically lights up when I pull it out of the holster.  You mean I don't need to then press a key to wake it up?
  • Even better, after getting a new message, if I pull the phone out of the holster within a certain amount of time, the screen wakes up AND it automatically goes to the message!  Seems so logical... get a new message, if they pull the phone out right away, what are they most likely going to want to do?  Read it!
  • The free map application rocks.  Used it yesterday since I didn't remember what street a friends house was off of.

Blackberry gets a huge thumbs up.  Definitely a convert.  I now see why people used to say they should give the Smartphone dev team Blackberrys for a month, and then take them away.

The one oddity I haven't gotten past is that I get duplicate emails sometimes when a message is both to me and a distribution list that I am on.  Very common occurrence, since if you email a distribution list, then someone hits reply to all to send it to you and the list, it will happen.  I'll get one message and then another one a minute or two later.  Very odd.

Monday, February 05, 2007

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