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Earlier, I was reading a recent post on the Consumerist blog about whether to cancel/move cable service when moving.  Since I recently moved, I thought I'd post my experience, as it was contrary to many of the other commenters.

To my disappointment, when I go to enter in my comment, I saw that I need to register with the site and sign in to leave a comment.  Boo.  As if I really want to register with yet another username and password on yet another site.  I don't want to give out my email address again only to open it up to more spam.  Seriously, username/password combos suck.  All to often, yours is already taken, or you chose a username of some lame nickname that years later you no longer use and are stuck with, or you then forget you'd previously registered and can then no longer remember the password etc etc etc.

Honestly, if I just want to leave a comment on a blog, I do not want to have to register and add another username/password to my collection.  It isn't worth it.

Hopefully Cardspace can fill the void, but until it gets adoption, just not going to leave comments on those sites.

Monday, February 05, 2007

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