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To take a page from Jason's recent change in his blogging philosophy, I think I am going to do the same.  Quite often, I usually wait until I have something to post about to post... some genious code thing, grand event, something to write some nice, thorough content on.  The problem?  Those don't necessarily come all that often, and when they do, I never have the time to write them!

Additionally, in January I fell way behind on my blog reading, and while I've been catching up lately, I've noticed and interesting trend in the blogs that I do read.  I like quick little posts.  Even when they aren't genious, when I see a post by someone who makes short entries, I read it much quicker.  I'll be building CS or waiting while getting the latest code, I'll switch over to FeedDemon and read a brief entry or two.  The people with the long, in-depth posts I fall behind on because I always want to set aside some time to really look at it.  Even though the content is great, I don't get to it as quick.

So now, going to focus on little things.  Find a cool link?  Post it.  Snap a cool picture?  Put it on the site.

I think I also need to revise my list of tags... need to come up with some better ones.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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