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In my last post, a commenter by the name of Chad (and didn't leave a link) made a comment to the effect that now I'll be blogging with "quantity beating quality".  I don't exactly agree.

First, I am not a "problogger".  I am not trying to monitize my blog or push any products or anything.  I had Google Adsense on it, though forgot to add it when switching to CS 2007 and haven't bothered to add it back yet.  Blogging for money isn't my goal.

Second, I am not on the level where my "quality" posts were some mind blowing technical achievements or anything.

Instead, I see it more as something over nothing.  Better to post something than to have my blog sit silent and unutilized.  Plus, it will be more of my voice.  I see something interesting, I'll post about it, rather than just keeping it all strictly CS or coding related.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

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