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Thought I'd post a few more pictures, since I was going through some from a couple of weeks ago and saw a number of ones that I liked.

My sister, chatting awayThis is my sister.  This was taken a few weeks ago at my parent's house when we were celebrating my sister's 22nd birthday.  Actually, it was a group birthday between my sister, my cousin's fiancee, and my 2nd cousin (cousin's daughter).  Group birthdays are big in my family, since we have a number of birthdays at the end of January/early February, a number in April (with one in March), and a few in December (within days of Christmas).  Anyway, it is kind of funny how much like my mom my sister is.  She always talks with her hands, though so do I.  I think if you held her hands down, she couldn't talk.  Hmm, have to remember that.

My grandfatherThis here is my grandfather.  He is 88 years old (I believe, might actually be 89).  He is the Italian in the family (hence my mom's maiden name of Galetto), so we all get the "talking with own hands" from him.  He is originally from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, known as the Keweenaw, or to him, Copper Country.  Slowly moved his way out to California working in the aerospace industry, eventually working at Lockheed Martin in the Bay Area.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

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