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Outlook 2007's search is retarded

I swear, the search functionality in Outlook 2007 is just plain dumb sometimes.  Earlier I was trying to track down a message in my 2006 archives, I knew what folder the message would be in, and I knew some search terms that would definitely bring it up.  What happens?  No results... not any.  So I clear my search, and just to make sure it is working, I see a number of messages from ScottW at the top so I enter in "from:Scott".  That should return all messages from Scott, and since I was in my 2006 Community Server folder, there should be plenty.  But it shows no records.  What the hell!  There are some right there at the top!  There should be like a couple hundred in the folder overall!

LookOut, the old search plug-in for Outlook 2003, was the absolute best.  It was bought up by Microsoft a few years ago, but unfortunately, all their email search functionality sucks.

Friday, February 23, 2007

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