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The actual due date

Last week, we finally had a doctors appointment in which we actually got a due date.  Our doctor doesn't like to give a due date without seeing the embryo, since he measures it to calculate the due date.  Before, we weren't able to see it at all since Trish found out she was pregnant so early.  On Friday, we were finally able to see it and get our due date.

Our baby at 6 weeks<p>Currently, Trish is at six weeks.  At this point, the embryo is about 9mm.  It is quite interesting to see, since even though it is only the size of like a green pea, you can faintly see the heart beating.  It is a little area that changes color as it beats.</p> <p>So with her being at six weeks, out due date came out to be October 15th, 2007.  Interestingly, that is the day after my mom's birthday.  So it may actually come on the 14th.  Who knows.  Now that we have the due date, I think I need to start taking bets on the actual date.</p>

Monday, February 26, 2007

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