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Vista Sidebar RDC Quicklauncher

Even though I've been on Vista full time since RC2, I haven't really done all that much with the Sidebar yet.

One thing I have been despirately wanting is a quick and easy way to launch remote desktop.  Even though I can quickly launch it, I got to select the server from the drop down, and it has a bunch of other machines I've connected to but don't regularly use.  And even though it can remember your login info, I want it quicker!

I had tried one of the Vista Sidebar gadgets for RDC, but found it kind of disappointing.  You just entered the host and hit go, but it didn't remember a list of hosts at all.  Then I saw the RDP Quicklauncher gadget and decided to try it out.  It works quite well!  Has a drop down, select the server, click Connect, and you're on.  Pretty good!  Even has a quick option to select to connect to the console session, which is nice when sometimes people tend to forget to log out of the server.

Maybe the ultimate would be to spend some time scripting something up in SlickRun.  Though to be honest, since switching to Vista, I haven't even installed SlickRun.  The Vista menu works well for most of my common programs.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

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