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My luck with moving and previous tenants

I swear, I have some really bad luck with the previous tenants not updating their addresses when they move.

The most recent incident was on last Friday.  At around 9:30 in the morning, I get a knock on the door.  I answer it to find a Dish Networks installer here to set up my satellite.  Turns out the person who used to live here had ordered service, but they had his old address.  I am not sure if he gave them the wrong address, or if Dish just used a previous address that they had, but I polite told him you've got the wrong person and old address.

The more colored incident of address-change issues if from my old apartment.  I don't think I ever posted this story.  I'd been living there for like a year and a half, and the whole time, I would regularly get mail for them... sometimes bank statements, IRS stuff, personal cards, etc.  I sent them back for a while, but eventually gave up and just trashed them.  Anyway, one day I get a little package in my mailbox.  It is addressed to the old tenants and looks like a package containing a movie.  So I take it home, figure what the heck, I'll get a free movie.  I sit down on the couch next to Trish (who was on the Xbox).  I proceed to open the package and find two porn DVDs!  It was something like Milf Patrol and some latina limos video.  I was laughing my heart out, since that is the kind of thing that will be in the back of your mind ("oo, wonder if it is porn"), but never think will actually happen.  Well, it happened.  Trish was embarassed as hell and couldn't believe it.  The odd thing though... (1) the previous tenant was a woman, (2) after 18 months, it is still sent to the wrong address?  I doubt she is still giving out that address, which means they probably had it on file, so she probably ordered from there before.  Talk about odd luck...

And in case you are wondering, we sent the DVDs back... sickos.

Monday, March 12, 2007

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