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Comcast's billing sucks

As I am sitting on hold with Comcast Customer Support, let me briefly go over how screwy they are, as I haven't received an accurate bill since I moved in January:

  • I was double billed for service in February.
  • I was sent a past due notice before my bill was ever due (ie, my bill was due 2/13, and payment was already in the mail, but on 2/11, they sent me a past due notice).
  • I was billed an "installation charge" for them to come out, take the bad modem they gave me back, and give me a new working one.  They didn't install squat.  Got them to waive that charge.
  • I had a credit on my old account that was never carried over to my new account.  Actually, the credit turned into a charge.  I was supposed to be credited like $90, but was instead billed for $90, for a net difference of about $180.

Hopefully I can one day get back to a normal, accurate bill.  Suppose it is a lot to ask to just be billed what I am supposed to owe.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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