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Well, seeing as how we are now like T-minus 72 hours on the Community Server 2007 release, I figured I'd take a quick break to post an update showing I'm still alive.

Probably needless to say, but we have all been frantically working to get Community Server 2007 out the door on Monday.  As Jose had already mentioned, Jose and I have been heads down on building a new version of the Telligent Store to coincide with the release of CS 2007.  The new store is going to be a very welcomed change.  We have been swamped with sales inquires lately, which is a good thing, but can be overwhelming some times.  The new store is aimed at streamlining the order process much more.

One of the things with the new store and Community Server 2007 that I am most excited about is the changes to how license files are handled.  The new store will be able to generate and email out licenses automatically, rather than this being a manual process done by the sales or support team.  The licenses themselves are much simpler now.  Before, you had 1 file for each product, so you could have one for Community Server, one for Mail Gateway, another for Windows Authentication, etc.  Now, all of those are wrapped up until one file.  And finally, the best thing, is that now Community Server can download the licenses for you!  Emailing out license files is a royal pain, as many places straight block emails with attachments.  So we could email someone their licenses, but they will never get it because the email was blocked, then they emails us a few days later asking where their licenses are.  With the new release, you will only be emailed a license key.  You can then paste this license key into your Community Server Control Panel and it can use it to locate your license file from the store and insert it into its database.  And in case you are on an intranet or have medium trust, you could still log into the store and view a list of all your available licenses, so you can download it to store it locally, or manually upload it to CS if it was unable to download it.

CS2007 overall is leaps and bounds better than CS 2.1, and when paired with our new license handling and store, it is outstanding.  The order process is much smoother, and the license handling is more intuitive.

Also, as a side note, if you've emailed me recently and I haven't responded, I apologize.  Haven't been able to keep up on my personal email, as I got a few emails about people looking for the blog themes I was going to release.  They are still coming, I promise.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

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