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Community Server 2007 Theming Extravaganza!

Today, the Community Server 2007 Theming Extravaganza was announced.  Definitely something to check out!  The contest has two different "tracks" or categories you can enter.

The first is to build the best theme you can on top of the existing CS 2007 theme.  This would be mostly by leveraging CSS and the dyanming theming functionality in Chameleon.  With this, it could be easily exported/imported onto any Community Server site, with very minimal changes to the filesystem (maybe needs some new images or something).

The second is to build a completely new theme, including all the pages customized to your creative desire.  This isn't for just a cool new blog skin, but rather aimed at an entire site skin.  In the past, CS has been difficult for people to do entire site skins, however Chameleon really does make it far easier.  Chameleon controls are leveraged throughout the entire site, so there is a lot of similiarity between how all the controls work and how they can be extended or customized.

So what is there to make it all worth it?  Beyond the good feeling you'll get from contributing to the CS community (*grin*), this contest has the biggest prizes we've ever had before.  First place in both tracks is a brand new MacBook, followed by a second place prize of a new Xbox 360 Elite (the cool new black 360 with HDMI and a 120gb HD), and third is a $100 Amazon gift card.  Even better, everybody who enters with a valid entry (ie, didn't just change 1 color) will win a license for Community Server 2007 Personal Edition.

Also worth noting, Telligent employees can enter, but can't win, so this will guarantee that the community will be getting these awesome prizes.

Definitely check out the announcement, and then head over to Ben's blog and check out his series on Chameleon to get up to speed!

Friday, April 27, 2007

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