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Tired of virtualization blogs

There were a number of blogs on virtualization that I was reading, though I've found myself more and more just not being interested.  Why?  Three reasons.

First, there just isn't a lot of information for me.  I am not some big player, I don't have massive SANs (Storage Area Networks) and all this big equipment that a lot of the info is regarding.  I use some virtualization software on my server, and I run some workstation virtualization software on my desktop/laptop.  The field isn't like software development where there are all kinds of things for you to readily play with and try.

Second, a lot of the blogs are bland.  So much of the content is like repetitive press releases.

And third, most of all, the virtualization market seems to resemble politics and school yard fights too much.  Seriously.  Between the main players in the "enterprise server virtualization" market, they are always bickering.  "We have better benchmarks."  "No, we have better benchmarks, they used the wrong version."  "We are cheaper."  "They are too cheap."  "We are new and cool."  "I'm telling my mommy."  The two worst companies in this are XenSource, the "we're cheap and don't know why the other guy costs so much but if you use our software (mainly administration software) you'll see why we're cheap" company and VMware, the "we run faster in an unfair version matchup with the other guy" company.  That is all I'll say about that, since between a few of the webcasts I watched for both and the "benchmarks" they routinely publish going back and forth, it just gets old.

I was into blogs about the virtualization market at first, as would read some stuff on configuring the software and I'd tried out various programs, and they have good content, but not regular good content.

Though the one virtualization bit I'm looking forward to more about is Microsoft's Viridian hypervisor.  Forget Virtual Server 2005 R2 SPwhatever, it is pigeon poop compared to what the virtualization software at the hypervisor can do.  Microsoft will hopefully be an interesting player.

Friday, May 04, 2007

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