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New Thinkpad T60

Been enjoying my new Thinkpad T60.  A few weeks ago, I finally I finally broke down and ordered a new laptop.  I was originally thinking about getting a new laptop about a year ago, but decided not to as there were some newer things coming like the Core 2 Duo chips.  Then back in November, I decided to upgrade my desktop some rather than a laptop.  I was kind of looking at it with the attitude that it wasn't worth upgrading my laptop because I don't use it that much, but I didn't use it that much because it was too slow and I didn't like using it.

A few weeks ago, before my trip to Dallas, I'd decided to put Vista on my laptop and give it a shot.  I figured, maybe seeing how Vista performed on it would help me determine whether I really needed a new laptop.  First, I had a bunch of trouble as I found the DVD drive on my laptop was on its way out, as I couldn't even get it to copy all of the files off the Vista disk when installing.  After a few days, I managed to find my USB DVD drive and got the Vista install done the day before I was leaving for Dallas.  Once I get it on there though, I found Vista was horrendously slow.  I mean, the laptop was an old Pentium M 1.7ghz, 1gb RAM, some old horrible ATI chipset.  The laptop was probably about 3 years old.

Then, while I was in Dallas, I found that the period key was starting to go bad.  I had to hit it pretty decisively for it to work.  That was the last straw.  I had been comparing laptops a lot recently, deals at different places, and knew what I wanted and from where.  I just hadn't reached the point of pulling the trigger.  When I found the period key going, that was it.  I placed the order while there in Dallas.

The system I'd narrowed it down to was a new Thinkpad T60 to replace my old Thinkpad T40.  I ended up ordering it through Lenovo, as I found you can get a pretty nice deal if you link to them and order with your Visa.  Visa offers about a 15% discount on the T60.  By ordering that way, the deal was better than almost anything I'd seen on other vendors or even on Ebay.  Also, I wanted the Thinkpad rather than anything else like a Dell.  Thinkpads have always impressed me, and Dells don't always.  Dell didn't have anything that quite met the Thinkpad.  Sure, they have 15.4" widescreens with WSXGA+, but most of their systems cap at 2.33ghz.  Comparing the ones that are close to it (not counting the processor), the Thinkpad was only about $100-200 more than it.  The only Dell that compared to the Thinkpad on everything, including processor, was the Latitude D820.  When I priced it, it ended up being about $150 more than the Thinkpad was.  In general, I think the Thinkpads have actually come down in price.  I paid about as much for this as for my old T40 used, and this is more cutting edge than that was at the time.

It took a few weeks for them to assembly, package, and ship the system, but one nice thing is that it came in only two days from Hong Kong once being shipped!  It came earlier in the weekend and I've been loving it so far.  It is bigger than my old 14" T40, but overall it is a sweet machine.  I have just about everything set up on it, except for finding a way to tether through my Blackberry in Vista.  The modem drivers don't seem to be recognized on Vista.  Lenovo is still making the Thinkpads as they've always been: sleek, performant, and rugged.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

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