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Community Server Single Sign On Scenarios

I'm working on coming up with a series of posts to make explaining how to use some of our Single Sign On (SSO) modules in various scenarios.  The series will be developer-oriented, so rather than "this is how to configure it to do this", it will be about how to code around Community Server to handle certain situations with the SSO modules.  Example of some of the ones on my list:

  • How to add additional profile information when a user signs up
  • Common gotchas when using Forms Authentication
  • How to get two sites in different virtual directories to work togther
  • How to get two sites on different subdomains to work together
  • How to handle SSO with an ASP.NET parent application that uses the username field on the Forms auth ticket as a user ID

Anything else you would like to see?  Let me know!  Feel free to let me know of any unique scenarios that pose problems when trying to use the SSO modules, or some simple functionality you'd like to leverage.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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