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Community Server Developers Conference

About two weeks ago, the first Community Server Developers Conference was announced for October 20th/21st in Dallas.  Obviously, all the Dallas folk will be there (since it is in Dallas), and some of the other team members like Jose, Scott, Ben (pretty sure), Dan, and others will be there.  Kevin even created a Facebook event for it.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend it.  Would have really liked to, however seeing as how my wife is due October 15th, just won't be able to make it.  She will either have just popped or about to pop, and either way, I'll be dead if I tried to leave to go on a trip.

However, anyone else if who isn't pregnant, co-conspirator to someone who is pregnant, or would not be subject to bodily harm if they went should go!  Registration is only $99 before September 5th, and if it is a success, then they will likely have a second one, and I should be cleared to go to that one.

The event should prove very interesting, with discussions on Community Server 2008, likely showing off what we've done so far and will be continuing to work on, as well as discussion on where we should go in the future and information on how to achieve the most with what we have today.

Friday, August 10, 2007

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