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Advice on camcorders

A while ago before Scott's wife gave birth, Scott was hunting for a good compact digital camera.  Now I find myself in a simular predictament.  Trish is due in less than two months now, and while I have the digital camera aspect covered, but what I am needing is a camcorder!  Pictures are good, but we will undoubtably want video too.  I mean things like it crawling around or smiling, or first steps, etc.

The primary thing I want is a digital camcorder.  I mean, hello, future geek dad, has to be digital.  For media, I don't care too much.  I am a little unsure about DVDs, since while they are ready for use, they aren't ready for use on the computer, and the media isn't reusable.  MiniDV is nice, but from what I'd seen years ago, to get it off the camcorders and onto the computer, you had to like play the movie back... you couldn't just drag and drop onto your computer.  Ones with a hard drive are nice, but then you are limited to the built in size and can't just swap to another disc as with DVD/MiniDV.

Additionally, it has to be name brand with a good repuation for optics.  I don't need top of the line stuff, but I'd want something that I won't be looking to replace within a year or two.  In general, I am in love with Canon products.  But even brand name can vary, since there are so many factors.  Most important is probably video quality, focus, and battery life... suppose.

Finally, I am somewhat on the rocks as far as whether or not to get HD.  HD camcorders are usually more expensive, though I have seen that some like 2006 models are affordable new.  Could easily get them online new even though they aren't the current model year.  HD camcorders have been around for a little while, so getting cheaper, and previous model years are even more affordable.  The geek part of me is hungry for HD.  The geek parent is thinking "don't you want baby's first steps in HD?"  But the first time parent in me is saying to be practical and to think affordable, since I'll soon be moving a good poriton of my budget to diapers.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Monday, August 20, 2007

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