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The Belly at 33 weeks

<p>Has been almost 24 weeks since I posted a photo of what I've coined "The Belly".  Trish is now 33 weeks along, only about a month and a half until the expected date.  So is really showing know, and boy is it a mover!  It is constantly kicking, rolling, and moving all over.</p> <p>Last weekend, Trish had her baby shower put on by her mom, sister, and one of her friends.  The first wave of boxes and things to put together came in.  In a few more weeks, we're going down to my parents to have another baby shower by my mom with all of my family, since they're all in the Bay Area.</p> <p>Next weekend, I get the joy of painting the baby room so we can finally put everything in its place and get the furniture.  That should be fun.  Yay.</p> <p>Also, some time ago, we picked names.  We aren't finding out whether it will be a boy or a girl (though we are told that there is pool going as to which is it).  If it is a boy, it will be Nicholas James Robertson, or if it is a girl, it will be Kelly Ann Robertson.  Everyone else seems to be more anxious to know than us.</p> <p>Update: Wife corrected me on the spelling of the baby's name.</p>

Sunday, August 26, 2007

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