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Last night, the latest edition of Tellicast was posted, including a sneak peak of Graffiti, the new light weight CMS product by Telligent.  Graffiti is being geared at small to medium sized business who just simply want to get some content up - whether it be a blog or a whole website.

One thing you may ask right off the bat when looking at it is if Graffiti is a new single-blog engine.  The answer?  Yes, it can be, but no, it isn't intended to be.  As Scott says early in the video, CMS isn't always a blog, but a blog is pretty much always a form of CMS.  So you would be able to easily run a blog off of Graffiti, though it can do quite a bit more.

Graffiti played a part in the Telligent Hack-A-Thon that we had a couple of weeks ago while the remote crew was in Dallas.  The Tellicast was a snippet of Scott's presentation of Graffiti, and after his presentation, we were all set loose with the challenge to build the coolest add-on, feature, or do-dad for Graffiti in 18 hours.  There were about a dozen or so excellent entries, most of which probably ended up being incorporated as core features.

For a quick look at Graffiti, you may notice the new Community Server Developers Conference site includes a footer that say "implemented in Graffiti CMS".

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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