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Today had the fine pleasure of joining the ranks of dads around the world.  This afternoon, my wife and I welcomed our baby son, Nicholas James Robertson, into the world.  He was born at 12:47pm, weighing 7lbs and 15oz, and 19" long.

Mommy is recovering well.  After trying to deliver naturally, we realized that Trish was going to have to go in for a c-section, since baby's head was pretty big and Trish is too petite.  Trish is tired, but doing very well.  I'm pretty tired to, having been up over a day and a half straight.

With that, see you all in two weeks!  Will likely be around, but going to be rather quiet as hoping to spend some good time helping Trish and bonding with daddy's boy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

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