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Disappointing Blackberry

I must say that this morning, I was rather disappointed in Blackberry that they still haven't straightened out the whole daylight savings system.  I mean come on, you would have thought that was solved back in March.

Woke up this morning, just like any Sunday, got ready, headed out to church, and then afterwards we went by Starbucks for some coffee and a bagel with my wife's parents.  Before heading to Starbucks, I remembered hearing my father in law telling my mother in law that it was just after 10am, which made sense since mass started at 9:15 (they are quick).  But then while sitting in Starbucks, about to leave, I check what time it is on my Blackberry and it says 9:45am.  I'm like, ok, what the hell?  My father in law looks at his phone and it says 10:45am.  Now we're all confused.  Which one is right.  Did we change time today?  No, no way we could have, we were on time to mass, we would have been an hour early if it did.  Ok, so why did my phone decide to change today?

Low and behold, 7 months after the whole fiasco with the new dates for daylight savings, Blackberry still seems to have missed the mark.  Today was the normal day for the time change, however with the new dates, it is actually next weekend.

This was a rather annoying flash back to March, when on the day the time changed, my less-than-intelligent phone didn't automatically update, so I had to manually set it ahead an hour, and then two weeks later, when the old date would have been, it jumped ahead another hour.

And so now, I need to manually set my phone ahead an hour so that it remains accurate, and then remember to change it back again next weekend for the actual time change.

I am rather disappointed that Blackberry doesn't seem to have gotten this resolved.  Will I have to deal with this next year, assuming I still have this phone?  I know the phone regularly downloads updates through the network, since I've seen it wake up and restart in the middle of the night before (including once before a flight in the morning to Dallas, which made me nervous since I was using the phone as my alarm clock).

Now I know this post will invite a bunch of "get an iPhone comments"... inevitably.  I would like an iPhone, except: (1) only Cingular/AT&T (can't make their mind up on who they are), and their coverage is not the best here, (2) no 3G, only EDGE, (3) from what I've heard, it is a little underpowered.  Maybe I'll get a 2nd gen, which by now is only 6-8 months away.

Until then, just be stuck with my Blackberry and bad daylight savings roll over dates.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

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