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Nick Bits for November 16th

In the spirit of Dave Burke's normal "Bits" posts, figured I'd have my first "Nick Bits" to give quick updates on the happenings in his eventful life.

As a given, this post is going to be littered with links to pictures.  Can't really help it.

  • Seven weeks!  Where has the time gone?
  • No longer in newborn diapers!  His newborn diapers no longer fit!  We finally had to move it up to size 1 diapers... so much bigger than the newborn diapers, though I know he will continue to grow even more.
  • Hanging out on his own.  He has gotten to the point now where we can set him down in his little papasan chair by himself and he'd be ok.  He likes to grunt and kick a lot, but is content hanging out on his own for  awhile.  We usually stick around and talk to him and all, though sometimes he just wants to be held and will raise a little fuss.
  • Starting to smile!  Ohh yes, he is starting to show his smile.  He has a pretty cute one too.
  • Nice walk.  Took some time off yesterday and today, so yesterday we went for a walk to a park nearby.  He was looking pretty good (extra word).
  • In his crib!  Today we had a little experiment to see how he was in his own crib.  Not going to have him sleep over night in it, but want to get him used to being in it.  So start putting him in there some while he is awake, then put him in there for some naps, and get him used to being in it before putting him in it overnight.

Friday, November 16, 2007

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