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The Grinch Strikes Again

In the past, we've always gone to this nice musical Christmas light show up in Sacramento.  We had been looking forward to going this year and taking Nick, and also wanted to get Trish's sister and our nephews to go with us.  Their website hadn't been updated yet with this year's schedule, so we were curious when they were going to be up.

This morning, I finally got an email from their newletter with an update, and unfortunately, they were not going to be doing it this year.  A couple of their neighbors didn't like the traffic congestion it caused, and there was a good amount when we went there, and had threatened them with a lawsuit.

Overall, find things like this very disappointing.  I mean, it is Christmas, where is the Christmas spirit?  Second, it is cool!  It is an amazing thing to see.  And they do it to raise money for Food for Families, a local charity.  Last year, they raised $15,000.

This happened to this house in San Jose that used to do a large light arrangement.  Their neighbors petitioned the city to force them to stop.  As a result, the next year, they put up a giant Grinch pointing over at their neighbors.

The update for the place in Sacramento says they might be looking for commercial space next year to do it at, though it just wouldn't be the same.  Such a shame.

Monday, November 26, 2007

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