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Today, the release of Graffiti Beta1 was announced, and overall it looks pretty solid.  It has been interesting watching Graffiti progress over the past couple of months.  Overall, it is incredibly powerful.  The ease at which you can develop event modules, widgets, or add Chalk objects for use in themes is awesome.  Want a new theme?  Can just upload a theme as XML and it sets up all of the files.  Wouldn't be surprised to find a lot of the simplicity ideas work their way back into Community Server.

For more information on Graffiti, be sure to check out (the live site coming soon), and the documentation site at  Solid documentation from the start has been a goal of the project since early on, and there is already a wealth of information on the docs site, and it is really easy to find what you're looking for.

So why did I make the switch to Graffiti?  More and more, Community Server is focusing on communities.  Although CS can be configured to run as just a single personal blog, it carries a whole ton of weight that makes it really big for just a personal blog.  Graffiti is a much smaller application, geared specifically for a site and managing its content.  It fits in perfectly as a platform for a personal blog.  CS does what it does well, but for this site, Graffiti does it better.

I've imported all of my old posts with a currently early alpha migrator by our Jayme Davis.  I've also used Rich Mercer's module to handle redirects from Community Server URLs.  All my old posts, I've put into an "Archive" category.  I've also decided to drop tags.  I found tags too laborious and mostly irrelevant.  Simple categories are usually more effective, as I never used to be good about tagging posts, and sometimes it just leads to bloated tag clouds.  Instead, future posts will just be grouped into a small collection of categories.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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