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Nick Bits for December 27th

It has been over a month since I did my last Nick Bits, so figured I was due for another.

  • As of today, Nick is now three months old!
  • He was really cute when he dressed up like Santa
  • Sleeping through the night!  After we got back from the Telligent Christmas Party almost two weeks ago, he started sleeping through the night (or about 10am til 5:30-6am).  He is also starting to have more regular nap times and be up more between them.
  • He is smiling up a storm and talking like crazy now.  He doesn't really talk in words, but loves being talked to and makes all kinds of noise back.
  • That said, he does have one "word"  He uses the word "agee", which when he says it, sounds like of like "hungry" and he only makes the sound when he is hungry.
  • He has now found his hand and loves sucking on it.  Kind of funny to watch, since he will go to town.
  • Nick enjoyed his first Christmas!  While he doesn't know who Santa is yet, he will definitely have a ton of fun next year.  He made out pretty well this year, finally getting some toys (most toys are like 6mos+, and only a few for 3mo or newborn).  But he now has a playmat and a nice collection of noise makers to entertain him.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

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