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New Years Resolutions for 2008

It is that time of the year again. It is the season for mass gym sign ups and diet crazes that last a month and then fizzle out. But sometimes, come up with some truly good goals and I'm able to stick to them. This year, my list of goals for 2008 includes:

  • Wake up earlier, and get ready earlier: Especially when Nick was born, I'd started sleeping in later in order to make up for the time lost awake in the middle of the night feeding. Now, he is sleeping through the night, but want to push myself to wake up even earlier than I did before. Previously, I got up at 7am. When Nick was born, it became 8am. Now, I want to go for 6am. Additionally, I want to get myself to get ready for the day earlier (ie, shower, dress, shave, etc). Often, I wake up and go right to the computer and begin work, and am glued there until like 11am or even later when it occurs to me I should shower. The ability to have this lifestyle is nice, but gets in the way when it is noon and you want to run out and get lunch, but look like the living dead. Or, I have a self imposed deadline for going to Starbucks (otherwise it throws my lunch time off), so sometimes it'll close in on the deadline and I want my mocha/latte, but still have to shower. Plus, when up early, dressed and ready, I feel more productive.
  • More productive with my afternoons: Not to say I am not productive in the afternoon, but this week Trish started her new job and her new job is only working mornings. Her old pre-school turned into a daycare after "class", but this one doesn't. That means some days I'll have Trish and Nick at home, which can be distracting. Usually, it is in the form of TV and just other general noises, but minor interruptions can quickly zap productivity. I'd like to find ways to get more done after lunch. Perhaps spending some afternoons working at a Starbucks, or go to Panera for lunch and stay afterwards working, or just unplug and go to the library. Or, if at home, put less "deep-in-thought" things for after lunch, like smaller tasks: minor/medium bug fixes, organizing, emails, follow up on support issues, etc.
  • Go All Mac: Sadly, I am becoming addicted. By the end of 2008, I think I'd like to be all Mac. Still have my WHS box, still have my server on Windows (hopefully Windows Server 2008), but likely toss my Vista MCE box (the digital cable conversion may mean greater investment than its worth). This basically leaves a MacBook for Trish and a MacBook Pro for myself. Perhaps I should figure out a savings plan.
  • Simplification of life: Sounds kind of vague, but with all the changes in my life in the past year, things keep getting complicated. From a year ago to now, have moved into a house and got a baby to take care of. Responsibilities have taken a huge jump to include yard work, raising a child, planning for not just our future but his, and so on. The sources of items for my to-do list are much bigger. This year, need to re-implement GTD especially in my personal life, and find ways to more efficiently manage my list. Not so much reserving time slots to do things, but finding ways to streamline them. So instead of always borrowing my father-in-law's hedge trimmer, get my own. Instead of manually paying bills (or queuing them with online bill pay), maybe set them up on auto-pay.
  • Lose weight: Yes, the cliqued resolution, but in reality, I do need to. Really, working from home leads to a fairly seditary lifestyle, and after 3 years of it, the affects are undeniable. Losing like 50 pounds would be excellent, though even just 20-25 would make a huge difference.
  • Keep the coffee maker clean: I am notorious for leaving used filters in the coffee machine, then they get gross, and then I have to do a big cleaning of the coffee maker before using it again. I love fresh brewed coffee in the morning, and would certainly save me some dough over going to Starbucks. It is just a matter of remembering to take out the used filter when I'm done, and quickly rinsing/washing the pot.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

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