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Ok, but what do I do now?

I had decided to give Quicken Online a try. I've been missing out since dropping Money and really do need to know where my account is heading. Mainly, need to be aware of bills I've queued/checks I've written that haven't posted yet, and a bit of a forward projection so I know ahead of time if I might need to transfer some money from another account before a big grocery shopping trip or a weekend away.

The problem? Well, I am no longer on Windows, so can't use Microsoft Money unless I use it from within a virtual machine. I was thinking of trying Quicken for the Mac, but figured I'd given Quicken Online a try. They had a free trial, so figured why not.

Well, my trial lasted about 30 seconds.


The first strike is that they don't list Wells Fargo as one of the banks they support. Come on? Wells Fargo isn't some small bank no one has heard of. They are one of the big names.

But the main thing that turned me off is the lack of direction. Ok, I typed in Wells Fargo, it says we couldn't find them, so I click the link about not being able to find them, and all it says is to send them feedback.

But what do I do right now? There is no cancel button, since this screen came up before I even got into the application, and there is no skip, or enter later, or anything. They have created a barrier for me before I even enter the application.

Don't needlessly create barriers for users. Offer them direction. Feedback is good, but it doesn't do anything for me right now. Their feedback page doesn't even promise a response, so in essence, my trial is over and I won't be using their service.

Monday, February 18, 2008

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