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Customer service asking for your password?

A while ago, I had signed up for just receiving an electronic copy of my cell phone bill. So earlier this evening, I had been trying to log onto my Verizon Wireless account to look at last month's bill and was having some trouble logging. Basically, I'd login but would get a "System Failure" message right when I log in and basically would be stuck.

So I call them and the customer support rep is walking me through logging in and they just weren't understanding what I was saying. It went kind of like this:

  • Me: When I log in, it takes me to this 'System Failure' message
  • Them: Well, when you first log in, do you see the sidebar which shows your phone?
  • Me: No, I'm at a 'System Failure' message, their is no side bar
  • Repeat above
  • Them: Well, log out and close your Internet Explorer (note: I didn't want to confuse them even more by being on a Mac)
  • Repeat from beginning
  • Them: Well, it shows our site is up and working, so it must be a problem with your server (note: I really hate when non-technical people say that kind of thing)

So eventually, they got the bright idea and wanted to try and log in as me, so they asked me for my username, which I gave, and then asked me for my password. I was like "Excuse me? I am not giving that to you.".

Had they never heard of phishing? I was shocked that they even asked. How many times have I read security notice emails about "we will never ask you for your password"? Shouldn't that kind of thing be at the top of any customer service rep's DON'T list these days?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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