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Finding a new domain is so hard

One thing I've been trying to do for a long time is to find a new domain name to move my blog too. One that is catchy, easy easy to remember, short, .com, et all. It is way harder than it sounds, really.

Qgyen is kind of old and out dated. It has all my Google juice, but that is mainly because I've had it for ~8-9 years. But it is just a word I made up. No one knows how to pronounce it, I don't give it out to people via word-of-mouth since it sounds dumb when I say it, and no one can spell it. Looking at my Google Analytics, often times people get to my blog by going to Google and searching for "ken robertson". Even Rich Mercer has told me he gets to my site by Googling for my name.

If people you know (friends/coworkers) get to your site by Googling your name, you need an easier domain!

But finding a good domain these days isn't easy. First, my name is too long, and even then, the .com is taken (I have the .name though, but who uses .name?). I had thought of a few others, but when thinking about the names later, they sounded too corny, or just didn't seem fitting.

The two main contenders I came up with were and Linked Labs just sounded kinda catchy, but I am not a lab. I'm not linked to any labs. But they sound good together. Then I got it sounded catchy at the time. Kind of like "this idea is so hot, it'll explode" or the tagline I came up with and put on the stub site was "lighting the fuse on bright ideas", or if I wrote some program I posted, could make the credits as saying "an explosive thought"... this domain was basically the result of staying up too late one weekend watching the movie Accepted where it had the guy who wanted to learn how to blow stuff up with his mind (hence, explosive thoughts). I looked up the domain and got it, but then a day or so later, was thinking that maybe I wouldn't want my blog/site correlated with word explosive.

Still trying to come up with something.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

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