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Subversion+Apache virtual host mods

On my servers, I recently added some support for a few others to centrally store some Subversion repositories.  Instead of each of them having to install the Subversion server on their own, I figured I'd set up a basic shared one, hosted through Apache.

One thing I was after was virtual host/host header support in the way it served repositories.  I wanted to be able to do, or, etc.  By default, Subversion will only look for repositories in the specified directory with SVNParentPath, and the directive for specifying an authz access file worked similarly.

I decided to dust off some of my C skills and take a look at making the modification myself.  Admitedly, it wasn't some master work, but someone else might like to do the same thing.

Code is available here:

Friday, April 11, 2008

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