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Issue trackers for side projects

Have found myself reviewing the options out there for managing my side projects. Most developers always have some ideas for programs or sites lurking in the back of their mind. I always like to get my ideas down in some form or another, and the program ideas I do take action on, I always like to track them. Sometimes though, I get the feeling there just isn't an issue tracker/project management app geared towards single person "teams". I've tried several solutions, but for various reasons, don't quite fit what I want:

  • Basecamp: Only gives you one project with the free one, and $24/mo is a bit much.
  • Tada List + Evernote: Need a little bit more than a todo list, and don't like idea streams being so separate.
  • Unfuddle: I was using Unfuddle for quite a while, and it works well, but sometimes a bit more than I need.
  • Sifter: I've started trying out Sifter lately and like it a lot, might work well with Evernote for documents, but then they're separate again.
  • No Kahuna: I just signed up for No Kahuna today and it looks interesting, but it doesn't feel quite as refined as some others like Sifter or Unfuddle.

May sound confusing, with some being too basic, and some being too much, but trying to find a middle ground. What I'd really like is a numbered todo list with a wiki/document type space. Not looking for multiple users, iterations, etc. Maybe some light tagging in place of categories, basic milestones (v1.0, v1.1, etc), and some basic priorities, but that is extra fluff. A numbered todo list would work for most things.

I did get the thought of doing my own as a weekend project... like I said, a numbered todo list with documents, but refrained (for now) since I have enough on my plate. Though sometimes it does seem like there really isn't anything aimed at this market, and end up just combining tools or leveraging things meant for teams.

Monday, December 08, 2008

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