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New Papercut released!

Last year, I had introduced Papercut as a simple utility for testing email capabilities of a site or application.  Since then, I've used it quite frequently and occasionally get emails from others who've also found it useful (I always appreciate those).

Tonight, I am pleased to release a new release.  Although it isn't ground breaking, it fixes a few minor nuances I've had and adds some new functionality I've really been wanting.

  • Added the ability to send messages on to a live email server.  Get the test message in Papercut but want to see it in a live client?  Can forward it on and chose which mail server to send it to and the from/to users in the SMTP commands.  It doesn't alter the message, only the commands executed on the server (so it will go to the specified user).
  • Ensure the window is raised to the top when you click the tray icon and it is already open.
  • Changed the raw view of messages to use a fixed width font (Consolas or Courier New) and widened the default window some so a full line would fit in the main view.
  • Fixed an issue with clicking the delete button too quickly.  It would try to delete the same message twice and could cause an error.  It will now handle rapid clicking.
  • Added multiple selection in the message list so you can now do bulk deletes.  Hit Ctrl-A, select all, and hit delete.  Yay!

Now for the linky details:

Project page

New binary download

New source download

Friday, April 24, 2009

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