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Ruining a moment

Yesterday, I'd posted about my son's birth the following Friday. One thing that really irked me about the experience was the hospital ruining the moment after my son was born.

Shortly after Josh was born I was in the nursery watching the nurse bathe him, one of the other nurses came in and said the front desk was asking me to come down to handle my deductible/copayment. Josh was born at 9:34pm and my receipt was timestamped 10:13pm. So when my son was 39 minutes old, they were already wanting their money.

I couldn't believe it, and my family was standing there asking "where you going?"

When my first son was born, I don't remember the hospital asking me to pay the whole time we were there. I think they just sent me the bill. If I did need to pay there, it wasn't 30 mins after he was born, it would have been later at a insignificant time to where I wouldn't even remember it.

Sure hospitals have been hurting for money, but they could be a little more sensitive. Gee, you just welcomed a new life into the world, your going to be there for 3 days... there is plenty of time in there to have me pay rather than right afterwards.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

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