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I don't get medical billing

I don't get how the medical industry can function.

So I've already posted how the hospital was gunning for their money 30 mins after my son was born back in July. So they got paid.

Then when he was coming up on two months, we started getting a trickling of other bills. The OB had some weird billing practices and we still owed on her delivery. Then we got the copay bill for the circumcision. Then we got the copay bill for the anesthesiologist. $300 here, $200 there, $400 for that one. What next, is the cook going to send me a bill for the room service?

Why can't they just do all inclusive billing? I would much rather know all my expenses up front than to get bills trickling in one after another 2 months after the fact.

But then the thing that made me nearly crap my pants. Got the mail yesterday to find something from the hospital. Open it up, and the first thing I see before opening it up all the way is "Amount Due: $14,472". I accidentally let an expletive slip with a toddler in the room. Though one you open it up and look over the fine details, you see it has three boxes: Amount due, amount due from insurance, and amount due from patient. The $14k was amount due from insurance, amount due from patient was $0. But why are they sending me a notice that insurance still hasn't paid them? I don't care. The insurance industry is just as messed up as their own billing practices. At the very minimum, they could make the statement a little bit clearer. It isn't pleasant to take it out and see the top 1/3rd first with some big dollar amount.

That's my rant for the day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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