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Trunks, a quick preview

Wanted to just given a quick glance at what Trunks is looking like. I've been making a number of changes in the UI, making it easy to navigate and display the most pertinent information.

First up, the repository listing. I wanted this to really focus on a high number of repositories without making the screen overly cluttered. It simply lists a small box with the repository name, and its source control URL, so if you needed to quickly grab one, can easily come here and copy the URL you need to get at the code. Or click on the title and browse the latest code.

And second, we have a directory listing. Here, you see the current directory, an excerpt of the most recent checkin message for that file or directory, and the commit number (or part of the SHA hash for git) of the most recent commit. At the top, is the most recent commit for the directory. Also in the directory listing, it will highlight the commit number of files or directories that were modified in the most recent commit. If you navigate deeper, it will continue to show the most recent commit for that part of the code, letting you get down to recent changes quickly.

And finally, the commit history. This is a day-separate list of all the commits for the repository with quick links to view the commit to see individual changes, and you can also link over to view the code tree as of that commit.

All and all, it is coming along very nicely. This past weekend, I already soft launched the site to work out all the deployment kinks. Seeing as how I wrote the majority of it a year ago, functionality wise it is pretty complete and I've been using it for a while, but working on the lose ends to be able to launch it to a wider audience. You know, things like forgotten passwords.

Check back soon for more!

Friday, November 13, 2009

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