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Hiring in today's market

It is crazy how today’s job market is. Earlier I was looking over the new topics on Hacker News for the “Ask HN” threads and was surprised to find three “whose hiring” ones in the past 7 hours.

Today’s market is super competitive, especially at the entry level jobs. My sister graduated from CSU Fullerton with a degree in Journalism and Graphic Design, which has a strong communications program and is well respected. She was also a contributing author to the school newspaper, interned at Us Weekly in Los Angeles for two years, and interned for Us Weekly in New York over the summer.

She graduated in May, but just now was able to get a job in her field. That is nuts. Granted over the summer she was doing an internship in New York, expected to stay there but later decided to come back to California. But she still was actively looking for a job from August to the end of January. On the job she finally got, she beat out 250 other people who’d submitted resumes. She was also in consideration for another job, that one was up against even more people and it came down to her and one other person.

The market today is a stark contrast from when I was in college and all my professors and advisors were touting how easy it’ll be to get a job and making $60k easy. I would be scared to be graduating in today’s market.

Today, a degree is just a piece of paper. Everyone else who is graduating with you has the same piece of paper. To beat them out, its who you know and the experience you have. I’m by no means saying college is worthless, but rather it isn’t everything. I’m a college drop out… I left college to work at Telligent. I’ve been luck enough to have it work out, and now my work experience would be more relevant.  Its no longer enough to just go to college.

Building on James’s comment in my last post, a web developer today needs Google juice behind them. A degree is great, but so is a blog with relevant topics, involvements in projects, a Github profile, and more.

Friday, February 05, 2010

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